Top Ten Employment Law Tips For Employers

The quality of the relationship you have with your employees is crucial to the success of your business.

Top ten employment law tips for employers:

  1. Ensure you have an employment agreement in writing for each employee - joint agreements, for example an employment agreement for both a husband and wife, are illegal in New Zealand.
  1. When hiring, choose the correct employment agreement for a prospective employee - ensure you have considered whether you want the employee to be employed on a permanent, fixed term or casual basis and have selected the appropriate employment agreement.
  1. Ensure that you have included all the clauses that are mandatory under the Employment Relations Act 2000 in the employee’s individual employment agreement – if you are not sure what these are, seek advice.
  1. Allow a prospective employee time to seek advice in relation to their employment agreement and ensure that the employee has signed their employment agreement before they start working for you – a 90 day trial period won’t be enforceable otherwise.
  1. Keep good records for each employee including a copy of their individual employment agreement, records of the employee’s annual and sick leave entitlements, job descriptions, and wages/salary records.
  1. Consult with employees in good faith before changing any terms and conditions of their employment agreement.
  1. Ensure you have provided employees with copies of your policies, such as health and safety, vehicle and IT policies.
  1. Follow correctly disciplinary and redundancy procedures.  Give employees sufficient notice of and information about disciplinary or redundancy/restructuring meetings and give them the opportunity to state their view on the matter.
  1. Keep up to date with changes in employment law to ensure that your employment agreements reflect current legislation.
  1. Obtain legal advice early on in a dispute with an employee or where you perceive that a dispute may arise in the future.
Shelley Greer

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