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Out on a LIM

When Gordon and Noeline Watts decided to relocate closer to family in Wellington, they sought the help of Gallie Miles Director Sue Garmonsway. Catching a clause in the LIM report, Sue was able to help the couple avoid purchasing a property that had a huge development consented next door.

Having spent most of their lives living in the Waikato, Gordon and Noeline Watts hadn’t really considered relocating elsewhere until their three adult children all ended up in the Wellington area.

“We were living in Kawhia when our job situation changed,” says Noeline.

“We felt we were still young enough to have an adventure and had the opportunity to be closer to our family in Wellington, so thought we’d give it a go.”

Looking for a new house, the couple would short list properties then make trips to Wellington to have a look. After missing out on quite a few homes, they found one that looked good.

“We found a house that was just around the corner from one of our daughters and it had a great backyard that was private and had all day sun,” says Noeline.

“When we looked over the fence we could see a bit of a parking lot, but that didn’t worry us as there was a treeline so we thought we could live with it.”

“Overall it looked really good, so we ordered the LIM report and had a look and thought everything was fine.”

Having known Gallie Miles Director Sue Garmonsway from the Otorohanga Business Association, Noeline knew who to call to make sure everything was in order.

“Sue always said ‘just let me look over everything’ so we sent her the LIM. She discovered that the parking lot behind was being used by a transport company ,” says Noeline.  

“Then she found a little piece in the LIM saying there was planning permission for a big development on it, which we’d completely missed when we read it ourselves. Wellington is building a lot of high density housing with 3-storey units and the neighbouring property had planning permission for that.”

“Other than being close to family, the backyard was the main reason we wanted to buy the property. That all changed with the LIM discovery,” says Noeline.

Thankfully the couple was able to pull out of the sale due to the LIM condition included in their initial offer.

“We’re so grateful to Sue. Not only did she protect us from having to live next to a large development, but she helped us to future-proof our personal situation so we didn’t have an issue of future re-sale of a property next to a huge development,” she says.

“Sue was just lovely and down to earth, and easy to talk to. Everything she says legally is in every-day language. She really makes you understand your legal responsibilities.” 

Now, the couple is happily settled in a more suitable new home, still close to family but without the risk of a huge development going in next door.

“While we are a little bit further away from our children than the other place, we’re so happy to be able to support our three daughters and their families. Being close to our grandkids is just wonderful,” she says.

“We have always strongly believed that whether for your business or personal affairs, that you should always get the best legal team and accounting team behind you,” says Noeline.

“I really feel that Sue and the Gallie Miles team are the best. They’re looking out for us.”