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Relationship Property

Both during and at the end of a relationship, we can provide practical solutions-focused advice.

Resolution of Relationship Property

We offer practical assistance to the resolution of relationship property matters, whether our clients are entering into a new relationship or separating. We draft and provide advice on contracting out agreements and separation and relationship property agreements. Where a matter cannot be resolved through negotiation, we can provide effective representation at mediation or in the Family Court.

  • Contracting out agreements

  • Separation and relationship property agreements

  • Advice on trust and relationship property issues

  • Property advice following the death of a partner or spouse

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Top tips when separating

We were recently contacted by our client Alan who has separated from his wife Sarah of 35 years. While things are reasonably amicable now, Alan is concerned at how they will split their assets whichRead more

Event - Every Women’s Guide to Relationships, Property and Money

Together with Tracey Hancock (Life planning & mindset coach) and Janet Natta (Financial adviser and owner of Smart Money Advice), Gallie Miles is bringing you this seminar series 'Every Women'sRead more

Ending a marriage and getting a divorce

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Trusts don't necessarily protect your assets from a relationship claim

Our Director, Kirsty is here to talk to you about trusts. She states that trusts don't necessarily protect your assets from a relationship property claim. Watch the video to find out why. If you wouRead more

Rural Roundup

A trust settled during a relationship will be unlikely to protect the assets that have been transferred into that trust. It is a fairly common misperception that a family trust is an effectiveRead more

De Facto Relationships

When it comes to dividing up relationship property, you may ask what constitutes a de facto relationship? A de facto relationship exists only when both parties are aged at least 18 and they areRead more

The Difference Between Relationship Property and Separate Property

When it comes to living together, being clear about what is relationship property and what is separate property is important. The difference between the two terms is that relationship property is allRead more

Relationship Property and Trusts

How much can you really trust your trust? Is your trust still protecting your assets including your family farm and business? Many of you will be aware that there have been recent changes to NewRead more

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