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Event - Every Women’s Guide to Relationships, Property and Money

Together with Tracey Hancock (Life planning & mindset coach) and Janet Natta (Financial adviser and owner of Smart Money Advice), Gallie Miles is bringing you this seminar series 'Every Women's Guide to Money, Finances and Property'. See more below. 

Money, finances, and property are often the furthest things from your mind when you go into a relationship. But they can be the cause of a lot of tension both during the relationship and if it ends.

The stress of wading through money and assets, working out what's what and what goes where, can be crushing. And then there's the fallout of what happens and its impact on your life.

Ladies, whether you're in a relationship or not, the information presented by our experts in this women-only workshop is important and could transform your life.

Because it's possible to avoid (or at least minimise) the pain and hardship that can come from a relationship ending or the death of your partner/spouse.

Learn what you really NEED to know to be RELATIONSHIP SAVVY, FINANCIALLY SMART, and FUTURE READY, whether that future includes a relationship or not.

>>> The event is for YOU if you're:

  • single and thinking about going into a relationship

  • in a relationship that's going well

  • in a relationship where there are challenges

  • currently going through separation

  • recently separated

  • Or you might just be curious to learn more so you can pass the information on to women, of all ages, in your life.

>>> Your hosts and expert speakers for the evening include:

  • Rachel Cooper - MC (and Lawyer at Gallie Miles law firm)

  • Kirsty McDonald - Lawyer and Director of Gallie Miles law firm

  • Janet Natta - Financial adviser and owner of Smart Money Advice

  • Tracey Hancock - Life planning & mindset coach

Our experts have created this event to empower women because they have their own experiences to draw on and years of helping women REBUILD their lives following separation or the death of a partner/spouse, and they want to help you!

>>> During the two hours we're together, you'll:

  • learn about the common relationship property traps and how to avoid them

  • learn practical ways to take charge of your finances, whether you're in a relationship or not

  • get clear about your next steps, and identify what will stop you / help you take action

  • be supported by a group of women who, like you, want to learn and feel more confident

  • And best of all, you'll leave feeling empowered to make informed decisions and more confident to take action.


>>> The workshop costs $50 (per person) and includes:

  • drinks and nibbles on arrival

  • information presented by lawyer Kirsty, financial advisor Janet, and life coach Tracey

  • the "Every Women's Guide to Relationships, Property and Money" workbook

  • an opportunity to have your questions answered

  • 3 months of support in a private Facebook group

TE AWAMUTU - Thursday 14 September 2023 

HAMILTON - Thursday, 5 October 2023

Time: 6:45 PM to 9:00 PM 
Location: The Link, 4 Te Aroha Street, Hamilton