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Renee keeps it real

There’s more to Gallie Miles Solicitor Renee Dunn than meets the eye. A keen hunter and fisherwoman, she’s also a bit of an internet whizz and is a strong advocate for Estate and Asset Planning with her clients and peers. Read on to get to know more about Renee. 

Growing up on a Dairy Farm in Korakonui south of Te Awamutu, Gallie Miles Solicitor Renee Dunn hadn’t always imagined a career in law.

“When I finished high school, I wasn’t 100% sure of what I would study,” says Renee.

“But as a teenager I did quite a lot of arguing with Mum and I guess I always enjoyed the challenge of a heated debate,” she laughs.

She studied Law at the University of Waikato and joined Gallie Miles as a Law Clerk in 2020, working her way up to Solicitor within the firm. Admitted to the bar in 2021 she has been practicing law for almost two years. 

Working under Gallie Miles Director Shelley Greer within the Estate and Asset Planning Team, Renee is a huge advocate of its importance amongst both her clients and peers.

“I think a lot of people underestimate how important it is to have a Will or have a plan in place for their assets. It’s far more cost effective to effectively plan for these things now rather than leave an expensive and stressful mess for family members to work through when you have passed away” says Renee.

“The reality is people need to have their affairs in order, whatever age they’re at. Lots of people are too laid back about it, so I try to make people aware and ‘keep it real’, emphasising the importance of effective asset and estate planning.”

“I genuinely love the challenges that estate planning brings, and I enjoy getting to know our elderly clients especially.”

Outside of work, Renee has a keen interest in the outdoors. She and partner Blake like to go hunting, fishing and diving, and she’s already pulled in a 20-pound snapper, which some fishermen only dream of.

“We were fishing in Kawhia and I thought I had a big one. My partner Blake wasn’t taking me seriously, but I ended up reeling in a 20-pounder. It was awesome,” she says.

“We also like to get out to the bush, go hunting and sleep overnight in a bivvy. It’s a nice contrast to my professional life I guess,” she laughs.

Quick Fire Questions

  1. Known for in the office: My nickname is ‘Lil Rad’ as the ‘baby’ of the office

  2. Would be voted ‘most likely to’: Become a YouTube Star or Instagram Influencer 

  3. On the weekends likes to: Go hunting and fishing with my partner 

  4. Drives a: Trusty Toyota Corolla (still driving my first car)

  5. Favourite meal: I’d eat mashed potato every night if I could! I also LOVE cheese sauce and fettucine. My partner Blake is a Masterchef fan which is great for me!

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