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​Relocation runs smooth with Kathryn

With a family relocation to Auckland on the cards, Greg Caie engaged the help of Kathryn Horton to assist with multiple property transactions.

“It was a logical time for us to relocate to Auckland for work and our kids’ schooling,” says Greg, who works as a pilot based out of Auckland Airport.

Looking for a new family home in Auckland, while selling a property in Taupo and the family home in Hamilton, there were multiple things on the go at once.  

First the family sold a property in Taupo, before purchasing a property in Auckland. 

“We started the Auckland property’s due diligence process just before last year’s August lockdown,” says Greg. 

“With the property market moving quickly and the challenges doing things remotely, it was a challenging time.” 

Legal Executive Kathryn Horton stepped in to assist with providing legal advice throughout the period.

“On some occasions we were running ideas past Kathryn for properties we didn’t end up buying – we needed answers on things very quickly, and she was always able to provide them,” he says. 

“Kathryn was excellent to deal with throughout. She was very efficient and really prompt with answers to our many questions,” he says. 

The final step was selling the family home in Hamilton, which Kathryn also assisted with. The family, (including dog Charlie - pictured), officially moved into their brand-new Auckland home in January. 

“The new place is all going well so far, apart from a few teething problems you always have with new builds,” says Greg. 

“I’d highly recommend Kathryn…our experience has been top notch.”

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